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101 Ways to Build Link Popularity

30 Nov

How to Build Links Fast: 101 Tips & Strategies


This site hosts a great list for adding backlinks to your site! Backlinks, also known as inbound links or inlinks, are very important from a marketing SEO strategy!


SEO Tip of the week: page load time

30 Nov

How fast or slow your website is makes a difference in user experience and search engine optimization. As Google informed readers in their webmaster blog last year, Google now includes site speed in their algorithm, making site speed my SEO tip of the week. 

Check your site speed at:

Increase site speed: YSlow, Yahoo’s free tool that analyzes web pages and offers ways to improve performance.

Facebook Tracking

21 Nov
Have you ever wondered how you get ads on your Facebook page that proportionally match characteristic traits of yourself…like how you should buy that watch from your alma mater or get $5 off your next purchase at Target? Well, you can blame it on your cookies.


Facebook’s tracking begins when you login to FB for the first time. At that time you are given two cookies…a browser and a session cookie. Every page that has a Facebook plugin, i.e. anything with a “like” button will then manipulate your cookies. Facebook is then able to keep a log of the sites you have visited in the past 90 days. If you are logged into your Facebook account at the time you visit a site with a FB plugin then your basic information (name, email, friend information, etc.) will be stored in their system. This seems rather scary, but good news for marketers!


Issue at hand:

The issue is in the potential use of the data. Since Facebook has a log of the sites you've visited, it can gain unintended insight on a user's medical conditions, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political preferences, and much more. Should Facebook then sell that information or use it to the benefit of advertisers, it would – in the minds of many users, including yours truly – constitute a serious breach of privacy.” From Rob D. Young,

How do you feel about Facebook’s tracking method?





Google analytics (free lessons)

18 Nov

Social media landscape

17 Nov

Here is a wonderful infographic I found at


3 Reasons why Social Media Matters?

17 Nov


This is a question that is often asked to marketers and sometimes we even have a hard time answering. I will give my top 3 reasons for why I think social media is a necessary part of any marketing strategy.

1) SEO (search engine optimization): It is important to note that search engines have changed      their algorithims in the past year or so to include all types of social media and use it to measure  how engaged an audience is with a combination of sites. If you want your site to be on the first page  of Google’s search results then you must implement an engaging social media strategy (among  other things of course)

2) Free Exposure: The cost of creating profiles on social networks is free, this however doesn’t  include the man power that goes behind maintaining an engaging social site. By engaging, I mean a  site that is continuously updated and used to its fullest potential, engaging customers and  generating leads-i.e. from word of mouth (one the best tools to get noticed). Also, it is probably a  good idea to create incentives or perks for customers or prospects to come back to your site using  contests,  giveaways, samples, etc. 

3) Measuring: Apart from creating social media sites for your company, you can also use social  media to measure how you compare with competitors. Look through their sites, how many likes,  youtube subscribers, and tweets do they have?

Building a Company with Social Media 55 Interesting Social Media Infographics

Tumbler Stats…interesting!

17 Nov

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