Are QR codes a Fad?

14 Nov




This is a hot topic question amongst many marketers today. One of the main reasons for using a QR code is to engage with your audience, some companies use this successfully where others fall flat.


The growth in QR codes has increased dramatically with the increase in smartphone availability and attainability. Whether they are here to stay is a question for Doc Brown (cheesy Back to the Future reference). Ultimately, how a QR code is used will determine whether or not they are a fad. It is important for marketers to use a QR code to its full potential, getting creative helps too!


Here is a great article: 5 Steps for a Successful QR Code Marketing Campaign


3 Examples of QR code creative engagement:


1.       Macy’s new Backstage Pass campaign allows smartphone users to scan star shaped codes around the department store. This gives shoppers a chance to win daily shopping sprees as well as 30-second videos that provide fashion advice and inspiration.


2.       J.C. Penny’s “Santa Tag” , shoppers will receive a QR code sticker with their purchases this holiday season. Gift recipients will be able to scan and hear a personalized voice message.


3.       Hackerspace and Southern Resources in Charlotte, World’s largest QR code sits atop their building, now in Guinness Book of World Records. Can be scanned if view Southern Resources building in Google maps or from an airplane. (Not sure how practical this is but it generates awareness).


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