3 Reasons why Social Media Matters?

17 Nov


This is a question that is often asked to marketers and sometimes we even have a hard time answering. I will give my top 3 reasons for why I think social media is a necessary part of any marketing strategy.

1) SEO (search engine optimization): It is important to note that search engines have changed      their algorithims in the past year or so to include all types of social media and use it to measure  how engaged an audience is with a combination of sites. If you want your site to be on the first page  of Google’s search results then you must implement an engaging social media strategy (among  other things of course)

2) Free Exposure: The cost of creating profiles on social networks is free, this however doesn’t  include the man power that goes behind maintaining an engaging social site. By engaging, I mean a  site that is continuously updated and used to its fullest potential, engaging customers and  generating leads-i.e. from word of mouth (one the best tools to get noticed). Also, it is probably a  good idea to create incentives or perks for customers or prospects to come back to your site using  contests,  giveaways, samples, etc. 

3) Measuring: Apart from creating social media sites for your company, you can also use social  media to measure how you compare with competitors. Look through their sites, how many likes,  youtube subscribers, and tweets do they have?

Building a Company with Social Media 55 Interesting Social Media Infographics


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