Facebook Tracking

21 Nov
Have you ever wondered how you get ads on your Facebook page that proportionally match characteristic traits of yourself…like how you should buy that watch from your alma mater or get $5 off your next purchase at Target? Well, you can blame it on your cookies.


Facebook’s tracking begins when you login to FB for the first time. At that time you are given two cookies…a browser and a session cookie. Every page that has a Facebook plugin, i.e. anything with a “like” button will then manipulate your cookies. Facebook is then able to keep a log of the sites you have visited in the past 90 days. If you are logged into your Facebook account at the time you visit a site with a FB plugin then your basic information (name, email, friend information, etc.) will be stored in their system. This seems rather scary, but good news for marketers!


Issue at hand:

The issue is in the potential use of the data. Since Facebook has a log of the sites you've visited, it can gain unintended insight on a user's medical conditions, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political preferences, and much more. Should Facebook then sell that information or use it to the benefit of advertisers, it would – in the minds of many users, including yours truly – constitute a serious breach of privacy.” From Rob D. Young, www.searchenginewatch.com

How do you feel about Facebook’s tracking method?






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