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6 Tips to make your LinkedIn standout

19 Dec

1. Complete your profile 

2. Join relevant groups and contribute meaningfully, this includes answering questions    

  • Remember the best time to post is typically 10am-3:30pm (avoid holidays and weekends)

3. Add applications to make your profile standout, but choose wisely and don’t go overboard

4. Connect your profile to your twitter or blog

5. Just like a real resume, be honest about your skills

6. Vanity URLs, create a cleaner looking URL, here’s mine



B2B social media and digital marketing

7 Dec

When you think of social media usage you may think that only B2C companies should focus on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. However, it is also highly relevant for B2B companies to be involved as well.

According to HubSpot,

“93% of B2B buyers use
search to begin the
buying process and 37%
post questions on social
networking sites when
looking for suggestions”

Since social media activity and advocacy now play a role in search engine algorithms, it is even more important for B2B companies to join social networks. Those searching for a service will rely on peer reviews and search results to make their decisions.

Social media in the marketing world uses the “customer in control” model, something that marketing automation hasn’t be able to maneuver. By allowing future customers to find you easily through search, you encourage them to make easier decisions.

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