10 Tips for writing copy, PPC Ads

23 Jan

A good ad is only as good as it’s copy. Luckily, most ads out there today have not been strategically designed with the searcher in mind. This could give you a first-mover advantage over your competitors. Here are 10 tips for writing effective copy for your next PPC ad.
1. Remember to write for the searcher, give clear direction
2. Set expectations for the landing page
3. Instead of writing about features write about the benefits of the product, benefits are why we buy the product
 Instead of saying the computer has 8 hour battery life say: An 8 hour battery life so you can   stay productive on cross-country flights.  


4. Include a call to action, this is the goal of the ad and tells people what to expect  after they click
                                Call to action example: Signup for powerful money saving tips
5. Make your ad stand out using an appropriate title…a one word keyword is used by many and will not make an impression on the searcher
6. Use topical based ads, think about upcoming events like Valentines Day or Black Friday, just be careful of trademarks!
7. Please use proper spelling…LAX (airport) is not the same as Lax, this could turn a searcher away
8. Make your ad personal by using words like you, your, etc.
9. Research competitors ads and avoid using the same adjectives in your copy, remember you want your ad to stand out
10. The display URL should direct the searcher to the appropriate landing page, include the domain name, and use uppercase for each word in the URL
Display URL example: plumbersexchange.com should be PlumbersExchange.com, otherwise it may be thought as PlumberSexChange.com (ooops!)

I hope these help! Please leave any feedback 🙂


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