To Host your own Blog or Not to Host your Own blog…

9 Mar


This is a question that came up recently from a fortune 500 company, “can we host our blog on wordpress or should we host our blog on our CMS server?”. 

This answer applies to companies that range from small-extra large, not necessarily to individuals such as myself 🙂

  • You should definitely host your own blog on the CMS, otherwise any SEO benefits will go to the hosting company not your own site (like WordPress or others)

Advantages of hosting your blog on a CMS include:

  • less worry about security issues
  • A CMS withstands more visitors
  • more control
  • SEO advantage
  • Also, your own blog looks more professional then a blog that is hosted by an outside company like WordPress


Their next question was, should our blog be on a subdomain or a subdirectory?”

I think this question can be very confusing. To give a brief overview of sub-domains vs. subdirectories, the short story is to use a subdirectory (i.e. Do not host it on a sub-domain such as

Reasons being the following (in no particular order):

  • A sub-domain is used to separate out content that is different from the root domain, a blog does not fall into this category because it should have something to do with the website content
  • A subdirectory is easier for a user to remember, creating more direct traffic
  • Subdirectories inherit ranking benefits of the root domain, so it’s not as hard to grow traffic from an SEO standpoint
  • Inbound links that come into a subdirectory build more ranking value and link juice (definitely want this :))
  • Any social sharing would be passed to the root domain (
  • Subdirectories are easier to manage from a server perspective


Short answer: Host your own blog and put it on a subdirectory such as


Happy Blogging!!



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