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Reasons for Losing Website Traffic

25 Apr

There is a good chance you may have noticed your overall web traffic decreasing. You may be concerned? Current theories argue that brand websites are losing traffic to their Facebook and mobile counterparts.

Here’s the good news: It’s true, according to a study performed by web trends and adgregate markets. “The study revealed that 68% of the top 100 companies were experiencing a negative growth in unique visits over the past year, with an average drop of 23%.” (webtrends and Adregate 2011).¬† However, e-commerce websites consistently rank higher than their facebook counterparts, even with the new e-commerce platform launched on Facebook.

Facebook remains a popular destination to review brands and is increasingly chosen over the websites of certain companies.

“With the mobile web also growing in size and popularity, it is time for brands and retailers to understand that surviving online is no longer about all-in-one websites, but measuring and improving performance in all the social, mobile and web entities.”

(webtrends and Adregate 2011).

Here’s the bad news: If you have not embraced social media and easy to navigate mobile websites, you are missing out. You will be the kid that gets picked last in gym class.

Social and mobile networks will continue to dominate the digital traffic landscape. In fact, mobile websites will surpass desktop websites by 2015, according to ComScore and Nielsen research. As a side note, Ipads and the like  are also considered in the mobile traffic category.

It is more important than ever to stay atop trends and leverage each social media outlet and mobile site integration to its greatest potential.

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