Tuesday is the BEST day to launch a Social Media Campaign

22 Jun

According to YesMail’s three-month study of consumer social engagement with online campaigns for 20 major retail brands including J.Crew, Abercrombie, and Forever 21 the title of this post is TRUE!!


best day for campaign

There is more to just posting a campaign on a Tuesday however…some other interesting findings from YesMail’s research include….

  • Fewer but very coordinated campaigns are successful

“When brands coordinate all the social media channels — Facebook, YouTube, Twitter — and their email campaigns, they see much greater engagement.”

  • Brands within the same corporation had wildly varying success rates

Example: Why is the Gap having less success than Banana Republic? “Clearly, there are some social media learnings that are not being adequately shared across the corporation.”

  • Surprising conclusions after analyzing YouTube

“The study suggests that factors increasing the success of YouTube campaigns include celebrity guest stars, incentivized user engagement (with prizes for commenting or posting in response), and interesting, odd titles that viewers have to click on to understand.”

  • Pay attention to your customers, you shouldn’t necessarily employ a campaign while you are at work

The best Facebook engagement was found in campaigns started between 10PM and 12AM Eastern. That was also the least-used deployment time slot. Part of the reason might be that many of these brands target college students, who tend to stay up later, and part of it might simply be the lack of other campaigns.

The best Twitter engagement was very different: The most engaging time slots for Twitter-based campaigns were 5AM-6AM and 7AM-8AM Eastern time. But over 84% of all Twitter campaigns went live between 9AM and 7PM Eastern — in other words, during regular work hours.

The point: Find good slots for your customers, not for you.


YesMail Interactive is based in Portland, Oregon, with offices in  Chicago, Atlanta, LA, San Francisco, and Omaha, as well as international locations in London, Singapore, and Toronto.




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