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130+ Social Media Tools

22 May

Just ran across a new list of social media tools created by Erik Qualman. I haven’t had the opportunity to test all of them out yet. Some you actually have to pay for others provide free services. Check out the original page here.

  1. Percolate – Turns brands into curators. Creates content for the social web.
  2. – Analytics for social media.
  3. TweetReach – How far did your tweet travel?
  4. Contaxio – Contact management for your social networks.
  5. PostPost – Awesome stuff gets lost on Twitter. Strip-search your timeline.
  6. SocialScope – A mobile inbox for your social networks.
  7. NutshellMail – Delivers a social media summary to your email inbox.
  8. Amplicate – Find out what people love and hate on social media.
  9. Bottlenose – A smarter way to surf the stream.
  10. AddShoppers – Reward sharing, measure results, add shoppers.
  11. GroupTweet – Create a more dynamic Twitter account with multiple authors.
  12. HowSociable – Measure your brand magnitude.
  13. North Social – Quickly create and manage Facebook pages.
  14. BrandMyMail – Include live social content in your Gmail emails.
  15. Social Mention – Real-time social media search and analysis.
  16. FeedMagnet – Social curation for websites and events.
  17. TabJuice – Ultimate e-commerce solution for Facebook (100% free).
  18. Conversocial – Deliver great customer service in Facebook and Twitter.
  19. Bitly Enterprise – Short URL branding, real-time alerts, monitoring and more.
  20. PeopleBrowsr – Social analytics for marketers.
  21. Needium – Social media lead generation.
  22. Crowdspoke – Find relevant content to share with customers, fans.
  23. The Archivist – Save and analyze tweets.
  24. MyLikes – Publishers promote your content through social networks.
  25. Postling – Provides small businesses with social media tools.
  26. Shoutlet – Enterprise social marketing platform.
  27. Awareness, Inc. – Publish, manage, measure, engage. (Socialnomics Favorite!)
  28. Unified – The world’s first social operating platform. Enterprise marketing.
  29. Wildfire – Promotion, analytics, monitoring and more.
  30. EngageSciences – The fastest growing European social marketing vendor.
  31. LocalResponse – Helps marketers respond to real-time consumer intent.
  32. GraphScience – Leverage the social graph. Optimize Facebook marketing.
  33. GoChime – Reach the people who are a perfect fit for your products.
  34. Adly – Celebrity endorsements in social media.
  35. – From fans to leads. Facebook presence, contents and more.
  36. SocMetrics – Engage influencers.
  37. MarketMeSuite – Your free social inbox. End-to-end social marketing.
  38. Fanplayr – Social game marketing.
  39. memelabs – Branded Facebook contests and much more.
  40. PowerVoice – Advertisers harness a consumer-to-consumer platform.
  41. Lithium – Social community and marketing solutions.
  42. Syncapse – Social media marketing, measurement and management.
  43. Vitrue – Helps you utilize social communities for business.
  44. Adotomi – Performance marketing for social media.
  45. Zoniz – Full-service social marketing management platform.
  46. Argyle Social – Data-driven social media marketing software.
  47. Buddy Media – Offers a social enterprise marketing suite.
  48. Extole – Consumer-to-consumer social marketing.
  49. BuzzParadise – International network of social media advertising.
  50. Zuberance – Energize your brand advocates.
  51. Involver – A social marketing platform and more.
  52. Silentale – Market and customer insights for Facebook page data.
  53. SocialTwist – Acquire new customers using social referrals.
  54. eCairn – Social media marketing solutions for marketing agencies.
  55. Netvibes – Social media monitoring, analytics and alerts dashboard.
  56. Brandwatch – Social media monitoring tools.
  57. ThinkUp – Free open source social media insights platform.
  58. DataSift – Unlock insights from historical Twitter data.
  59. Odimax – Actionable intelligence for social media marketing.
  60. GlobalWebIndex – Provides data on users of your web presence.
  61. Attentio – See what the world is saying about your brand.
  62. Traackr – Find the influencers who matter to you.
  63. Unmetric – The social benchmarking company.
  64. LiveWorld – Moderation, community programming and actionable insight.
  65. PeerIndex – Understand your influence across social media.
  66. Jive – Social media monitoring and much more.
  67. ethority – Social media intelligence.
  68. CliMet – Maintain your brands reputation on Facebook and Youtube.
  69. YourBuzz – Get the buzz on your business (American Express OPEN).
  70. Eqentia – Enterprise content curation, monitoring and republishing.
  71. Sentiment Metrics – Social media monitoring, measurement, engagement.
  72. MutualMind – Intelligently monitor, analyze and engage.
  73. Appinions – Discover and engage leading influencers on any topic.
  74. Social Fixation – Apps. Automation. Awesomeness.
  75. Digimind – Competitive intelligence and online reputation monitoring.
  76. StepRep – Listen to what people are saying about your brand online.
  77. Trackur – Social media monitoring made easy.
  78. CustomScoop – Online news clipping and social media monitoring.
  79. Beevolve – Comprehensive and affordable social media monitoring.
  80. Visible – Social media monitoring, analytics and engagement.
  81. Sysomos – Social media monitoring tools for business.
  82. Radian6 – Social media monitoring and engagement, social CRM.
  83. Sprout Social – Social media management, Twitter tools, social CRM.
  84. Spredfast – Social CRM and enterprise marketing.
  85. Nimble – Social CRM simplified. Turn communities into customers.
  86. Sprinklr – Social CRM, enterprise social media dashboard.
  87. HootSuite – Dashboard for teams using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  88. SocialFlow – Optimized publisher for Facebook and Twitter.
  89. uberVU – The intelligent social media dashboard.
  90. tracx – An end-to-end social media management system.
  91. thismoment – Engage everyone, everywhere, easily.
  92. Hearsay Social – Enterprise social media software.
  93. Sendible – Social media marketing, monitoring and management.
  94. Pluck – Integrated social media solutions from Demand Media.
  95. SocialVolt – Social media management software.
  96. Engage121 – Social media management  that enables customer relationships
  97. Parature personalized approach to web-based customer service & help desk software
  98. Tweetdeck Dashboard for teams using Twitter and Facebook
  99. The Future Buzz – Digital marketing and social media blog.
  100. – Your social media source.
  101. Social Media Today – News, strategy, tools and techniques.
  102. Mashable – Social media news and tips.
  103. Socialnomics – insights from brands & experts on the why & how of social
  104. Social Media Explorer – A blog about social media marketing.
  105. Social Fresh – The business of social media.
  106. The Social Media Marketing Blog – Marketing insights from Scott Monty.
  107. Chris Brogan – Learn how human business works beyond social media.
  108. Brian Solis – Defining the convergence of media and influence.
  109. Britopian – Discussing the latest in social business.
  110. Likeable Media – Dave Kerpen’s agency – top clients (Neutrogena, Verizon)
  111. Banyan Branch – Social media strategy, engagement, analysis and more.
  112. Converseon – Social strategy and analytics agency.
  113. Brickfish – viral map software – top clients (Redbox, Lemonhead)
  114. Splashcube – Social media marketing and training.
  115. WannaBeeSocial – Southwest Airlines of Social Agencies (cater small biz)
  116. Webtrends – Social, mobile and web analytics and tools.
  117. iStrategyLabs – Experimental social media marketing and more.
  118. Klout – Measures social media influence.
  119. Yammer – The enterprise social network.
  120. Gigya – Social login, social plugins, analytics, gamifaction and more.
  121. TrustYou – Social media monitoring for the hospitality industry.
  122. Cyfe – All-in-one business dashboard and real-time monitoring.
  123. Janrain – Social login, social profile storage, game mechanics, analytics.
  124. BzzAgent – A word of mouth marketing company.
  125. IZEA – Connects social media publishers with advertisers.
  126. Lotame – Data and audience management platform.
  127. OneDesk – Connect employees, partners and customers.
  128. SocialVibe – Engagement marketing.
  129. TwentyFeet – Social media monitoring and ego-tracking.
  130. Timehop – What were you doing 1 year ago today?
  131. Refollow – Discover, manage and protect your Twitter social circle.
  132. Alterian – SM2, social media monitoring and more.

Best New Resources for Web Marketers and the SEO Community

15 May

Every now and then I happen upon a gem that exercises my inner nerd.

After rummaging through recent articles on marketing tools and resources for 2012, I decided it was time to share…

So here it is, a list of 6 of the BEST new tools:

1. Speaker Deck: Not only is this a great website for posting your own presentations to share, it’s also a great place to soak up new material for research…you can search for just about anything in the search box, my preference “SEO”. I was particularly fond of Distilled’s presentation on “The Modern SEO’s Toolkit”

2. Trello: This tool is great for those that have a hard time managing their projects. Oh and you can add members to your private list so they can see what they are responsible for. Pretty nifty…

3. Get Stat: a FREE tool for the SEO community that tracks thousands of keywords for 90 TOP-performing websites, including Tumblr, Facebook, Superpages, Forbes, and CNN among others. BAZINGA!!

4. Blekko: This is an interesting tool…or rather I should say search engine. Blekko totes itself as being the spam free search engine. Sweet! Also, they have some pretty cool webmaster tools that you should check out also. They include an SEO tab for each result on the SERP. Holla!

5. GT Metrix: Tired of using Pingdom for your site speed analysis?? Me neither, but here is another tool that measures site speed using an A-F rating as well as gives you the yslow score. They also include a recommendations and Top 1000 section

6.  So I saved one of my favorites for last. This is one of those resources that I actually felt was necessary to add to my RSS feed. If you are a data nerd like myself you will love the Excel tips and tricks Chandoo provides on his blog. You can also sign up for one of his excel classes for a very decent price (I might add).

His article called 100 Excel Tips and Resources makes me want to sing Hallelujah!!


P.s. If you know of more tools I should add, please let me know!!



Reasons for Losing Website Traffic

25 Apr

There is a good chance you may have noticed your overall web traffic decreasing. You may be concerned? Current theories argue that brand websites are losing traffic to their Facebook and mobile counterparts.

Here’s the good news: It’s true, according to a study performed by web trends and adgregate markets. “The study revealed that 68% of the top 100 companies were experiencing a negative growth in unique visits over the past year, with an average drop of 23%.” (webtrends and Adregate 2011).  However, e-commerce websites consistently rank higher than their facebook counterparts, even with the new e-commerce platform launched on Facebook.

Facebook remains a popular destination to review brands and is increasingly chosen over the websites of certain companies.

“With the mobile web also growing in size and popularity, it is time for brands and retailers to understand that surviving online is no longer about all-in-one websites, but measuring and improving performance in all the social, mobile and web entities.”

(webtrends and Adregate 2011).

Here’s the bad news: If you have not embraced social media and easy to navigate mobile websites, you are missing out. You will be the kid that gets picked last in gym class.

Social and mobile networks will continue to dominate the digital traffic landscape. In fact, mobile websites will surpass desktop websites by 2015, according to ComScore and Nielsen research. As a side note, Ipads and the like  are also considered in the mobile traffic category.

It is more important than ever to stay atop trends and leverage each social media outlet and mobile site integration to its greatest potential.

SXSW 2012

21 Mar

 My experience at SXSW (without a badge)

First of all, I wouldn’t recommend traveling to  SXSW unless you have a badge/wristband or a couch to crash on. You will miss out on so many things with out a badge. Luckily, I had a couch to crash on so I went to see what all the fuss was about. Two words to summarize:


A word of advice, if you don’t have a badge consider investing in a service that will RSVP you to every event…it sucks to wait in a long line only to find out you didn’t RSVP.

SXSW is still fun even if you don’t have a badge, but you won’t get all the perks. Watch out for events that over advertise…you won’t get in. For example, the Mashable House. You could get in for free even without a badge as long as you had an RSVP. Day of event, I was notified that I now needed a badge (wtf?). I went to check it out anyways. The line wrapped all the way around the building and we got there 45 minutes before the event started. We asked the doorman if we’d be able to get in…NADA. Found out later Mashable had 14,000 RSVPs…the event was in a Bar that probably held 300 max! Oh and VIP’s had priority over badges here. I assumed that even if I got in I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of mingling with the creators of Mashable.

Watch out for unorganized events…I’m talking about you Nike + Fuel! We got in line 2 hours prior to the doors opening for this event and didn’t walk in until 4 hours later, only to find ourselves listening to the last 30 minutes of Girl Talk at 1am. Here’s something to note…Austinites and visitors to SXSW like to cut in line  (found this out from a local). Oh and this event was advertised as RSVPs having priority access over Badge holders as long as you entered their secret code they announced via twitter (false). We eventually got in and ran into the winner of Top Chef Texas, that made it worth it!

While some events were disorganized that is not the case for all.  Examples being the Spotify house and Ray Ban Legendary visions house…both of which did not over advertise. We were actually able to enjoy those experiences. I especially enjoyed being in the front row watching Fun. perform an acoustic set with a free Heineken 🙂

Take advantage of all the South By has to offer by following SXSW on Twitter, make sure to save a search to follow those hashtags and keep informed of what’s happening. It’s imperative! 🙂

Overall, SXSW is an amazing experience, definitely worth the trip if you are interested in interactive, music, and or film culture. Next year I will try going with a badge. I don’t want to miss out on all the informative panels and discussions.

See you next year SXSW!


p.s. This is a picture of the Doritos stage for music guests…pretty cool

Top Brands on Pinterest

27 Feb

PinterestFacts about Pinterest:

-More than 10.4 million registered users

-Hits around 10 million unique visitors monthly

-More than 80% of pins are repins (high social sharing)

-Roughly 68% of the users are female (no surprise)


I’m compiling a list of current brands on Pinterest…here’s the list so far. If you see some great brands I’ve missed please leave a comment 🙂

These are just a few of the handful of brands I’ve found floating around Pinterest. All in all, we see a high number of brands that cater to the female audience including magazines and grocery stores. It is nice to see more brands getting involved including non-profit, local restaurants, and B2B companies.

If you are looking to get your brand out there then you should be thinking about creating Pinterest boards that cater to your audience as well as those that apply to aspects of your brand, for example there could be a board on location of offices and things to do in the cities. Colors (see Hubspots example) and humor works well too!

Happy Pinning!


Topsy, New Favorite Twitter Tool

23 Feb

There are hundreds of tools out there for social listening, it gets hard to decide which one to use. I recently found one that I particularly like called Topsy (

The interface is clean and user friendly. I can use the site to monitor clients and competitors. Recently I’ve used it to try to win badges to SXSW Interactive :), I’ve used advanced search techniques  (see older post )to clean out the filters and created an e-mail update which allows me to see new contests posted everyday. I think I’ve signed up for just about every contest out there, so my fingers are crossed 🙂

3 Reasons why Social Media Matters?

17 Nov


This is a question that is often asked to marketers and sometimes we even have a hard time answering. I will give my top 3 reasons for why I think social media is a necessary part of any marketing strategy.

1) SEO (search engine optimization): It is important to note that search engines have changed      their algorithims in the past year or so to include all types of social media and use it to measure  how engaged an audience is with a combination of sites. If you want your site to be on the first page  of Google’s search results then you must implement an engaging social media strategy (among  other things of course)

2) Free Exposure: The cost of creating profiles on social networks is free, this however doesn’t  include the man power that goes behind maintaining an engaging social site. By engaging, I mean a  site that is continuously updated and used to its fullest potential, engaging customers and  generating leads-i.e. from word of mouth (one the best tools to get noticed). Also, it is probably a  good idea to create incentives or perks for customers or prospects to come back to your site using  contests,  giveaways, samples, etc. 

3) Measuring: Apart from creating social media sites for your company, you can also use social  media to measure how you compare with competitors. Look through their sites, how many likes,  youtube subscribers, and tweets do they have?

Building a Company with Social Media 55 Interesting Social Media Infographics

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